What Celebrity Do You See In This Image?

Test how good your vision is with this odd optical illusion.

This is a CRAZY GIF that's a hybrid portrait of two VERY different celebs. First, take off your glasses if you wear them. When do you start to see Einstein come into focus?

MIT Aude Olivia/Gizmodo / Via youtube.com

So, what the heck does it all mean? Basically, you'll see Marilyn Monroe at the beginning of the GIF when the picture is further away and more out of focus. You should be able to see Einstein near the end.

But, you'll see Einstein sooner if you have very good vision. If don't see Einstein at all then you pretty much need glasses.

This vision test was developed by M.I.T. neuroscientist Aude Olivia, Ph.D, and recently featured in ASAP Science, but it isn't a new concept. Artists have been using this technique for ages.

In Van Gogh's Starry Night, for example, you'll only be able to see the imagery if you stand far away from the painting. If you stand too close, you'll see brushstrokes.

  1. When do you see Einstein?

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When do you see Einstein?
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