The Internet Has Crowned A New Most Awkward Moment For Donald And Melania Trump

"Did he give a slight push out of the way?"

On Friday, President Trump gave a speech at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, and the first lady was on hand to introduce him.

But wait, there's more. Upon completion of the handshake, Trump can be heard telling the first lady to "go sit down" as has he gives her a gentle push toward stage left.

Hold on, let's get a quick close-up on that.

Twitter immediately lost its collective mind.

@JustNafari @CaitrionaPerry @MJB_SF Did he give a slight push out the way?

Like my father always taught me: Find a woman you love, look her in the eye, and give her a firm Business Handshake

Trump, awkward handshake: "Great job, lady. What's your name again?" :pushes her off stage: #SaturdayMorning

@keithcleer @chrissyteigen my husband and I just shook hands goodnight just to try it and OMG IT IS SO WEIRD!!!! WTH?!?!?

@CaitrionaPerry Ah yes, a handshake, so intimate, thank you very much husband sir, my misery is palpable, solid deal sir

Trump seemed pretty unfazed.

You can watch the full introduction and speech below.

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