25 College Democrats Describe Republicans In Three Words

I asked 25 Democratic students at Hofstra University to describe Republicans in ONLY 3 words. Post your own in the comments!

1. "Straight, white, males"

2. "Stuck-up, headstrong, all-knowing"

3. "Closed-minded, greedy, old-fashioned"

4. "Arrogant, selfish, assholes"

5. "Unable to progress"

6. "They hate women"

7. "Misguided, robot people"

8. "Selfish, privileged, greedy"

9. "Easy way out"

10. "Selfish, inclusive, afraid"

11. "Hypocritical, clean-cut, sheep"

12. "Traditional, rigid, unchangeable"

13. "Closed-minded, brainwashed, guarded"

14. "Greedy, self-involved, in-compassionate"

15. "Dramatic, radical, sad"

16. "Selfish, short-sided, closed-minded"

17. "Scary, angry, conservative"

18. "Conservative, religious, contextualists"

19. "Ignorant, closed-minded, assholes"

20. "Ignorant, stubborn, unsympathetic"

21. "Irrational, ignorant, blind"

22. "Unnecessary, unaware, unjust"

23. "Conservative, religious, stubborn"

24. "Stuck-up, rich, white"

I also asked college Republicans to describe Democrats. You can see that here:

All photos by me, Matt Stopera

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