Watch This Russian Man Smash His iPhone To Bits Because He Is Angry About U.S. Sanctions

Hammer, meet iPhone.

This Russian guy is really angry over U.S. sanctions, enacted by the Obama administration to punish the Kremlin over its involvement in the Ukraine crisis, the most recent round coming earlier this week.

So he decided to make a video, telling Barack Obama just how angry he really is.

"I'm so sick of you and your sanctions. I have no more strength, no more patience."

"I've decided, as a citizen of Russia, as a patriot of my country, to declare my own private sanctions on YOU."

First order of business: Russian Guy says he will never go to America. Sorry, America.

Second, he will never step foot in an American establishment. Not even, he says, in a McDonald's!

Then it gets serious. OH GOD, NOT THE COCA-COLA. He pours the Coca-Cola down the drain.

What, wait, where is he going?



I tried to warn you, iPad.

Watch the whole video here:

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