People In Russia Can't Stop Instagramming Themselves Inside Elevators

It's called a "lift-o-look" and even the prime minister is doing it.

One of the most popular hashtags among Russian Instagram users is #лифтолук, which translates as lift-o-look, which basically means taking a picture of yourself in an elevator.

Almost everyone is doing it.

And has been for a couple of years.

Step one: find an elevator.

Step two: take a picture.

Why not invite some friends to take your lift-o-look with you?

You can even bring drinks.

The more mirrors in the elevator the better.

You can get artsy with it.

Or use it to show off your manicure.

Hell, go ahead and take a lift-o-look with your iPad.

This is the woman who made the lift-o-look really popular. Her name is Tina Kandelaki, and she's a PR executive who's quite popular among the Kremlin elite.

She takes one almost every day.

Almost. Every. Day.

On Wednesday, we may have reached peak lift-o-look, when Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev posted this picture to Instagram.

So go find an elevator with a mirror and smile, because the trend may soon be over.