Iraqi Christians Are Using This Powerful Symbol To Protest Their Expulsion From The City Of Mosul

"Solidarity with the people of Mosul."

When ISIS militants took over the city of Mosul in June, they painted the Arabic letter nun — symbolizing the word Christian — on the houses of Christian residents. Then on July 19, hundreds of Christians fled Mosul after ISIS issued an ultimatum: leave, convert, or be killed. Christians have inhabited Mosul for nearly two millennia, and now residents worry that little from the community remains.

To protest the expulsion, Iraqi Christians are trying to reclaim the nun by sharing pictures like these on Facebook and Twitter. People of all faiths are joining in solidarity.

"We reject injustice and respect the other. We are the people of the (letter) nun... who are you?"

نحنْ معكم #مسيحين_العراق #الموصل .

"We are all Christians."

#العراق #الموصل

"Yes I am and I am proud."

ISIS marking houses w/ red Arabic “N" (Nazarene/Christian) for extermination or expropriation. #WeAreN #Iraq

"The Christians of Mosul.. in our heart."

تضامنا مع مسيحيي #الموصل

"Muslim? Christian? Atheist? It's none of your business!!!"

تضامنا مع مسيحيي #الموصل والعالم العربي... شو ما كان ديني ما خصك

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