7 Times Benjamin Netanyahu Took A Selfie And Then Some

Courtesy of the prime minister's Facebook page.

A video uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denouncing "electronic gadgets" and the selfie lifestyle, declaring of the current generation, "You are slaves."

But Netanyahu has dabbled in a selfie or two himself. Here's one from his official Facebook page.

And another.

Here is using one of those "electronic gadgets" the kids are slaves to these days.

Picture, or it didn't happen.

And here's some more from Twitter-world.

Of course, Bibi cant be human with out a #selfie on TV @matzav_hauma https://t.co/uPEkELl0UY

"Bibi is really loving this #selfie thingy."

Bibi is really loving this #selfie thingy

Close up.

Bibi Netanyahu takes part in #selfie with a channel 10 TV host (via MAKO)

Visit Israel with Masa, Get a Selfie with the Prime Minister - http://t.co/YxE3IQlN9G

Yep. Definitely a selfie.

"My selfie?"

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