15 Works Of Art That Will Change The Way You See The Syrian Conflict

More than 190,000 Syrians have died in the three-year long conflict. The Syrian Campaign, a London-registered NGO, collected the work of 9 Syrian artists depicting the conflict's casualties.

1. Syrian Festival, by Tammam Azzam

2. Unknown, by Bassel Mazzaz

3. Holiday Gifts, by Fadi Zyada

4. Hello, Psych Aleppo, by Sedki Alimam

5. City of Love in a Time of War, by Wissam Aljazairy

6. TV Programs for Syrian Kids, by Hakam al Waheb

7. Syrian Santa Clause, by Sedki Alimam

8. Drama, by Hani Abbas

9. Spring of Pain, by Wissam Aljazairy

10. What are the Children Guilty of?, by Fadi Zyada

11. Birth in Wartime, by Wissam Aljazairy

12. Waiting, by Wajdi Saleh

13. Scud, by Imranovi Faour

14. Indiscriminate Mortar, by Imranovi Faour

15. Hope in Darayya, by Unknown

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