Disturbing Dash Cam Video Catches Russian Driver Running Over Man After Confrontation

Video shows a driver running over a fellow motorist after a brief encounter, then leaving the injured man behind after checking his own car for damage.

In what appears to be a case of extreme road rage, video posted to YouTube this week shows an exchange between two motorists on a street in Moscow before one driver suddenly accelerates and mercilessly runs over the other, pinning him against his vehicle.

vine.co / Via youtu.be

The person behind the footage of the incident said the driver of the white BMW has been identified and is now considered a fugitive, according to Russia Today. The injured man was helped by witnesses and taken to a local hospital.

The driver of the white car is then seen exiting his vehicle to check for damage before leaving the scene and the injured man behind. Watch the full dash-cam video:

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Police confirmed the accident to Russia Today, but refused to provide details.

(h/t to Jim Roberts)