People Are Making Jokes About The Release Of The Secret Republican Memo

The disclosure of the much-discussed secret Republican memo was met with a ton of fun moments, all thanks to the internet.

President Trump made the decision Friday afternoon to declassify the much-talked-about Republican memo on the Russia investigation.

The four-page letter, which was written under the direction of Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, states that top officials of the FBI and the Justice Department approved measures to surveil Carter Page, a former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, while relying on information from British MI6 intelligence official Christopher Steele — the man behind the Trump-Russia dossier.

Although The Memo was heavily anticipated among many on the right, Democrats and security officials have long called it a selective and politicized look at intelligence reports that shouldn't be released.

Given all the ~politics~ around The Memo, it was natural that Twitter would react to its release like sensible grown-ups.

folks I have a copy of the memo!!!!!

Extremely sensible.

Very grown-up.

"Wow interesting cover page for the Nunes memo," tweeted the staff at the Daily Show.

Wow interesting cover page for the Nunes memo

Others opted for a more meta route, using a still from Netflix's INSTANT CLASSIC, A Christmas Prince.

Scary stuff.

This memo will definitely exonerate Trump.

Safe to say The Memo was very controversial.

Wow, this Nunes memo is going to tear this nation apart 😞

But I guess your perspective on The Memo depends on your politics.

This Nunes memo is definitely blue. Right?

So what do you see?

In case you're having trouble downloading the memo, here's a copy:

Happy Memo Day!

This Nunes memo is more damning than we could have imagined.

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