Khloé Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Have Named Their Baby Girl True Thompson

It's a ~True~ blessing.

Khloé Kardashian on Monday announced the name of her child with basketball player Tristan Thompson. The couple welcomed their baby into the world last week.

"Our little girl, True Thompson, has completely stolen our hearts and we are overwhelmed with LOVE," Kardashian said on Instagram. "Such a blessing to welcome this angel into the family! Mommy and Daddy loooooove you True!"

Though the birth of their first child should be a celebratory time for the couple, news of Thompson's alleged infidelity has been a point of fixation in the media, as well.

Several reports have claimed Thompson cheated on Kardashian multiple times while she was pregnant.

When the allegations surfaced, Kardashian was said to be "distraught" and cried hysterically upon hearing the reports.

According to People, she is undecided about whether to continue her relationship with the Cleveland Cavaliers player.

And like clockwork, Twitter was on it with reactions. And...people were having a lot of fun, to say the least.

Khloe named the baby True THOMPSON...



True Thompson. No need to ask what khloe thinks about the rumours then

Things that make you go hmmm.

Ah. Khloe Kardashian named her daughter True Thompson. The one thing her father never was. True. Look at juxtaposition.

The responses definitely made more than a few people raise an eyebrow.

did she name her baby True Thompson because rumors about Tristan cheating were.....true?

The internet clearly has some strong opinions, but we may never really know the true (😉) reason behind the baby's name.


The name True actually runs in the Kardashian family, according to matriarch Kris Jenner.

On Monday, the famous ~momager~ took to Instagram to let people know that her grandfather on her dad's side of the family was named True Otis Houghton and that her father's name was Robert True Houghton.

"So i am so excited Khloe named her daughter True!!!" Jenner wrote.

Welcome to the world, True! 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

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