Issa Rae Had Some Choice Words For The #LawrenceHive's Undying Support Of Their Favorite "Insecure" Character

Nice and succinct: "Shut the fuck up."

Insecure co-creator Issa Rae stopped by BuzzFeed News' morning show AM to DM on Friday and chatted with entertainment reporter Sylvia Obell ahead of the hit HBO show's Season 3 premiere this Sunday.

From the start, Rae was asked about the enthusiasm of the #LawrenceHive, a term conjured in support of Lawrence Walker (Jay Ellis), who played Issa Dee's (Rae) boyfriend in the first two seasons of the show.

Long story short: Issa cheats on Lawrence, and their already rocky relationship is pretty much caput after that.

Over the course of Season 2, Lawrence and Issa are not the kindest people to each other and fans began to take sides.

And there's a whole lot of men who sympathize with Lawrence, and they don't shy away from making their opinions known on social media. Subsequently, the #LawrenceHive was born.

During a Thursday night pop-up screening of the show's Season 3 premiere in New York City, a random guy showed up to demonstrate his support for the character. But Rae had some choice words for Lawrence's advocates: "Shut the fuck up."

Hey #LawrenceHive, @IssaRae has a message for you 👀😅

For more complete context, Rae said:

"Look, Lawrence Hive, if you keep in touch with your exes every single day then by all means continue to protest. But if you're the type to cut exes off and move on, then shut the fuck up."

It was revealed over the summer that Lawrence wouldn't be back for Season 3, mainly due to the fact that the audience doesn't "know the character of Issa outside of Lawrence," Rae said.

"This was just an opportunity to explore that and so, in a sense, rediscover who she is without this man in her life," she said.

Still, the #LawrenceHive is unmoved. Some want the character to get a spinoff.

@IssaRae give Lawrence a spin-off then! #LawrenceHive lol

Others say they've "lost all the hype" they had for Season 3 due to his absence.

@JayREllis Yeah, it feels different for me knowing you won’t be on S3. Lost all the hype I had. #LawrenceHive

Fans pretty much don't know what to do with themselves.

Me and the homie thinking how we gon be #lawrencehive if Lawrence not in the show.

And a few continue to hold on to the hope that their "captain" will return.

Bring back the captain of #LawrenceHive

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