We Can All Stop Trying Because This Family Just Won Halloween 2016

Best. Costumes. Ever.

This is Denise Hill, a mom who lives in Kansas City, Missouri, and she loves Halloween.

Courtesy of Denise Hill

Hill told BuzzFeed News that she knows Halloween "isn't really considered a holiday," but that doesn't stop her and her children from dressing up each year.

Courtesy of Denise Hill

Hill said that she usually dresses up for her children's Halloween party at their school, which just so happens to feature a competition for best costume — and the family usually enters as a group.

On Monday, Cheyenne Piggie, Hill's sister-in-law, posted a photo of the family's latest Halloween costume: Golden Sports Trophies.

s/o to my nieces mama this has gotta be the most creative thing ever ... trophies for Halloween 🏆

The tweet went viral and so far has garnered more than 20,000 retweets and 30,000 likes.

"It was actually shocking to me, but it was exciting, it was nice," Hill said when asked how she felt about people's genuine reactions to the family's costumes.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @PiggieCheyenne

From left to right: Denver, 5, doing her best ballerina pose; Aspen, 8, channeling her inner soccer player; Aria Randolph, 15, ready to take off with her superb track star pose; and Hill dressed as the world's best tennis player.

As a result of the tweet taking off, the photo of Hill's designs received tons of compliments.

People couldn't get enough...

Twitter / Via Twitter: @TristinH_

...and some argued that Hill and her girls won Halloween — and honestly, they might be right.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @TheBrookeAsh

To get the look, Hill says that she pieced together the outfits with clothes that her children already owned, used Mehron gold paint to get the girls looking metallic, and covered footstools in trash bags to make the podium-like structure the girls stand on.

Courtesy of Denise Hill

And the plaques on the podium were made of cardboard printing paper, inscribed with superlatives that pertained to each individual sport.

Courtesy of Denise Hill

Best of luck to everyone trick-or-treating this coming Monday, because this family has already won costume of the year.

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