Zadie Smith's Productivity Tips Will Make You A More Focused Person

Step 1: Turn off the internet. Step 2: Write.

Zadie Smith is a brilliant and productive human being

But, like all of us, she has a hard time resisting the Internet's siren song

Which is why Smith cuts herself off when she writes. "If I could control myself online, if I wasn't going to go down a Beyoncé Google hole for four and a half hours, this wouldn't be a problem. But that is exactly what I'll do," she says. "It's not some kind of high moral ground, it's that I so want to [write], that I just have to get it done. And everything else has to take a backseat."

In a recent episode of the BuzzFeed podcast Women Of The Hour, Smith shared some Internet-related productivity tips we could all benefit from

(The interview starts at 3:00)

If the phrase "Instagram feed" makes your fingers itch, ditch your smartphone for something low-tech

When your word processor is on the same computer that connects you to THE ENTIRE INTERNET, set some boundaries

Smith uses site-blocking apps like Self Control and Freedom to block Facebook and Twitter.

When the problem isn't you, but your open office

Reading a good book can teach you how to focus like a writer

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