Steve King Says The "Greatest Danger To A Black Man In America Is Another Black Man"

The Iowa Congressman was discussing Black Lives Matter with BuzzFeed News.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Iowa Rep. Steve King said Thursday that "statistically the greatest danger to a black man in America is another black man" during an interview about Black Lives Matter.

On the final day of the Republican National Convention, BuzzFeed News caught up with King outside of the arena and asked if he thought speakers using "All Lives Matter" and "Blues Lives Matter" was a repudiation of "Black Lives Matter."

King laughed and said yes, adding that he agrees with the repudiation.

"The rest of these lives that matter too are not demonstrating in the streets," King said. Saying "All Lives Matter" is so "utterly obvious it's kind of redundant to even say it."

When BuzzFeed News asked King about the danger some black people feel during their interactions with police, King responded, "But you know, you know that statistically the greatest danger to a black man in America is another black man."

King faced criticism earlier during the convention for a controversial comment asking which "sub-groups" contributed "more to civilization" than white people of European ancestry.



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