11 Quotes About Friendship That Will Make You Text Your BFF

Check out the first episode of BuzzFeed's podcast, Women Of The Hour, hosted by Lena Dunham and featuring Emma Stone, June Squibb, Amy Sedaris and writer Ashley C. Ford. It's all about the power of female friendship.

This first episode of Women Of The Hour deals with one of the most powerful forces in a woman's life: Friendship.

Throughout the hour, Lena Dunham and writer Ashley C. Ford reconstruct the early months of their friendship through the emails that brought them close. Emma Stone and June Squibb offer advice for dealing with difficult friends. And friends—like comedian Amy Sedaris and designer Todd Oldham—talk about what endears them to one another and the flaws they overlook to stay friends.

Listen to the full episode and read through for highlights from the show.


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1. It's not that you love them more than your S.O., it's that you love them in a different way.

2. That 'F' stands for forever and you are not fucking around.

3. Strangers think you're a pair of weirdos, and you don't care.

4. Your BFF knew you before you got cool, and loved you just as much then as they do now.

"I'm glad I've known you for a long time, because you were so funny looking as a kid, and I like having that memory of you superimposed on your current face every time I look at you." —Alice Gregory, Women Of The Hour

5. They're good to you, even on the days when you're not good to yourself.

"I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally blurted out 'Why do you like me?' And if you're anything like me you also have the side that goes, but why wouldn't you like me? I'm the bomb!" —Lena Dunham, Women Of The Hour

6. They remind you that you're powerful.

7. You're not afraid to tell them about your secret goals, because your BFF will support you no matter what.

"Making wishes is kind of like casting spells." —Ashley C. Ford, Women Of The Hour

8. Even if you fail

"It's so important as a woman, but furthermore, as an artist, to have someone saying 'Hey, I got you. Write what you want. Say what you want. Fail when you fail. I got you.'" —Lena Dunham, Women Of The Hour

9. They take you to new places and get you to step outside your comfort zone.

10. They know how to be your friend, even if they don't know how to solve your problems.

"...the most adult and beautiful thing we can do for each other is not to insinuate ourselves into each other's experiences, but just to listen and be like, I don't know what that's like, but I can see that you're in pain and I'm here." —Lena Dunham, Women Of The Hour

11. Because nobody knows you like they do.

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