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Romney Mocks Obama's To-Do List

Among the items the Republican imagines on the incumbent's list: "Divide the American people." More red meat for the right.

Posted on June 8, 2012, at 1:04 p.m. ET

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In the latest of a series of combative speeches aimed at animating the right, Mitt Romney hammered President Obama for saying, hours earlier, that the "private sector is doing fine" — and gleefully mocked the incumbent's to-do list.

Delivering a speech in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Romney said Obama's "private sector" remarks would "go down in history as an extraordinary miscalculation and misunderstanding by a president that's out of touch."

He then joked that he had obtained the president's to-do list, and gleefully ran through an imagined series of items, including ""divide the American people," and "stall the development of coal, oil, and natural gas."

"I won't have to have a long to-do list in my drawer at the White House," Romney said. "My to-do list is written on my heart, and the first three entries are these: jobs, jobs, and jobs."

Romney has found success in rallying the once-skeptical Republican base with combative stunts like these lately, and as polls in swing states begin to narrow, he's shown no signs of letting up.