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Newsweek Calls Romney A "Wimp"

The magazine revives the cover line it famously used to needle George H.W. Bush in 1987. "Is he just too insecure to be president?" UPDATE: Romney reacts.

Posted on July 29, 2012, at 11:43 a.m. ET

1987 Newsweek cover

You can read the story here.

2012 Newsweek cover

You can read the story here.

UPDATE: Robert O'Brien, a foreign policy adviser for Romney, responded to the Newsweek cover:

Newsweek was beyond silly when it called former World War II Naval aviator and savvy Texas oilman George HW Bush a “wimp” on its cover in 1987. The magazine returns to the same failed playbook now with its cover on Governor Romney. The fact is that Mitt Romney is a steely-nerved businessman, who has turned around failed companies, the corruption-plagued 2002 Olympic Winter Games and an almost-bankrupt Massachusetts – against all odds in each case. Moreover, he has raised a great family with his wife, Ann. Notwithstanding these sorts of ridiculous attacks, the American people elected President Bush in 1988 and they will send Governor Romney to the White House in 100 days to turn around this economy.