Donald Trump Let Jimmy Fallon Mess With His Hair

The candidate's hair flew back and forth Thursday night on the Tonight Show. However, some people criticized Fallon for "normalizing" Trump's politics.

Donald Trump decided Thursday on late-night television not to split hairs over Jimmy Fallon's special request: "Can I mess up your hair?"

The Republican presidential nominee at first cringed. “I’ll be gentle,” the Tonight Show host added to reassure the hesitant Trump.

After a moment, Trump agreed. “The answer is yes," he said.

“But the people in New Hampshire where I’m going to be in about an hour from now, I hope they’re going to understand,” he added.

Fallon then reached across his desk to mess up Trump's hair. The golden hair flew back and forth and Trump's scalp below even seemed to be visible for a moment.

The Republican nominee appeared to smile during the process, but afterwards quickly tried to pat his hair back down. He also refused to let the press pool take photos of him after the taping, the Associated Press reported.

Trump's hair has been discussed at length as many people have wondered about its unique shape. He also announced last year he doesn't wear a toupee, allowing a supporter in South Carolina to touch his coif in an effort to prove his point.

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Trump's appearance on the show provoked strong reactions on social media, with many accusing Fallon of going soft on the controversial candidate, and "normalizing" his brand of politics.

@TimODee16 I was a fan. Now #NeverFallon This stuff matters - esp to the young vote she needs - can't believe he did that.

i mean, no one expects fallon to be fucking cronkite but he didn't have to pet trump like a bunny rabbit

I learned tonight that Jimmy Fallon is half the man Stephen Colbert is. I'm so ashamed of Jimmy for "normalizing" Herr Trump.

Trump and Fallon, just joking around like a couple of buds who find creating a bigoted, fascist country hilarious.

Jimmy Fallon inviting Trump on is part of the normalizing of hate. Should be ashamed of himself. Lost all respect from me.

Others, however, were more sympathetic towards Fallon's performance and Trump's appearance on the show.

Progs are losing their minds over Jimmy Fallon tonight. Could it be that Trump isn't literally Hitler?

People who literally get their news from Stephen Colbart & Jon Stewart are attacking Jimmy Fallon for being non-biased. Typical.

Anyone watched the Jimmy Fallon show tonight? Trump is smart, funny, charming and **genuine**. NO DOUBT, he is gonna win, folks! #MAGA

Loved Trump tonight with Jimmy Fallon. Such a warm man, able to laugh at himself--a wonderful quality. Well done! #FallonTonight

The late-night appearance came just hours after Trump's interview on Dr. Oz where he discussed his health, saying, "I feel as good today as I did when I was 30."

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is set to appear on the Tonight Show on Monday night.


Last night after the 2016 Emmys, Fallon addressed critics who accused him of "normalizing" the controversial Republican president hopeful on The Tonight Show last week.

“Have you seen my show?" he asked TMZ reporters. “I’m never too hard on anyone. We’ll have Hillary [Clinton] on tomorrow, and we’ll do something fun with her too,” he said, also noting that Trump "was a good sport" and that the interview "wasn't really a planned thing."

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