Trump Tweeted “See You In Court” And People Turned It Into A Huge Meme


After a federal appeals court on Thursday refused to reinstate President Donald Trump’s travel and refugee ban as it makes its way through the courts, Trump tweeted in all-caps, "See you in court, the security of our nation is at stake!"

But many people on social media found Trump's tweet a little silly, since the case is already in court.

everyone trying to figure out how you take a court to court

are u.. are u gonna sue the judicial branch

President Trump, after losing in court, says he will see the court. In court.

"SEE YOU IN COURT" "Ok cool, that is where we work, so it is very convenient for us"

There were also lot of jokes.

Fixed that for you. @realDonaldTrump SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!

And some people could relate to Trump's reaction.

me when Applebee's tells me they require all customers to wear pants

"SEE YOU IN COURT" I scream after the Chipotle employee doesn't put enough rice on my burrito.

me if Beyoncé doesn't sweep the grammys

when you go to mcdonalds and they say the ice cream machine is down

Others just couldn't get over the use of all-caps.

BREAKING: Trump’s shift key,

All-caps tweets I would send out, were I the president: “SEE YOU IN COURT. BECAUSE WE SCHEDULED A BADMINTON GAME THAT I’M V EXCITED ABOUT."

Others adapted his tweet for alternative scenarios.


The "How Bow Dah" girl got dragged into the reaction.

cash me ousside, see you in court

Even Trump's former presidential opponent chimed in with a reference to how he wasn't exactly winning.

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