How A Local Politician Emerged As The Key Chronicler Of The Unrest In Missouri

Alderman Antonio French has captured the vigils and protests in Ferguson, Mo., after the fatal shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old black man by a police officer left the community reeling.

For several nights now, the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson has been in chaos over the fatal shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old black man from the area.

That's me in the cloud of tear gas tweeting in #Ferguson.

Throughout the unrest, Antonio French has seemingly been there, documenting the vigils, vandalism, and violence happening in his community for the world to follow along.

French is a local politician, serving his first term as Alderman of the 21st Ward in St. Louis, which includes the neighborhoods Kingsway East, Greater Ville, O'Fallon, Penrose, and Mark Twain.

French has provided amazing coverage, posting photos and Vines with updates or just the words "Right now in #Ferguson" since the shooting happened on Saturday.

Follow the story on French's timeline, starting on Saturday:

“@stltoday: Fatal shooting by Ferguson police prompts mob reaction” "Mob"? You could also use the word "community".

Police have shut down all lanes of West Florissant at #Ferguson.

The mother of the boy killed in #Ferguson speaking to media about the loss of her son.

Police have brought out the large gear in #Ferguson.

Tensions are high, but the scene is peaceful in #Ferguson.

The mother of #MikeBrown, the 17-year-old killed by #Ferguson police today, says her son was about to start at Vatterott College next week.

People marching to the #Ferguson Police Dept headquarters following the killing of a 17-year-old boy.

People are gathering at the site where #Ferguson police killed 17-year-old #MikeBrown. Police have swarmed the area.

People in the street shouting "No Justice, No Peace" and blocking a Kinloch police car from passing. #Ferguson

The crowd has forced the police car to reverse. #ferguson

Police cars trampled the rose petals and candles at the memorial for #MikeBrown.

Right now in #Ferguson, MO following the killing of 17-year-old #MikeBrown

People are angry, frustrated but peaceful tonight in #Ferguson. The police dept's heavy handed approach made things worse. Leaving was good.

At the #Ferguson police dept headquarters


Still conflicting reports about death of the witness. Police say it's not true. Tempers are rising here in #Ferguson

The protest is turning into a memorial and moving from the #Ferguson Police HQ to the street where #MikeBrown was killed.

Sadness and anger at the site of #MikeBrown's killing in #Ferguson.

Definitely a small group of young men here who are not trying to hear anything having to do with peace, prayer, or non-violence. #Ferguson

A lot of frustration and misdirected anger right now in #Ferguson following killing of #MikeBrown by police.

Rapper Tef_Poe, @tefpoe) and others speaking outside the #Ferguson police HQ.

The question is what outlet can we give these young men to let out their (justified) anger in a non-violent, constructive manner. Ideas?

A group of young men & women who were at the police HQ are now on the corner of W. Florissant and Ferguson with signs. Cars honking support.

Cars honking support for young protestors in #Ferguson

Protestors have blocked West Florissant, a major street in St. Louis County. #Ferguson

At the site of the killing of #MikeBrown in #Ferguson

People are blocking police and fire trucks from entering the area. Reportedly answering a call for a heart ...

The crowd has let the police and fire trucks pass. Lots of kicking and hitting of police vehicles as they pass. #Ferguson

The anger and tension is definitely worse than last night. #Ferguson

Angry men surrounded a tow truck driven by white driver. Started to open his door. 1st time I've had to intervene since I've been here.

Protestors shutting down West Florissant again.

A huge crowd at the site where #Ferguson Police killed #MikeBrown

The mother of #MikeBrown receiving hugs and love tonight at the site where her son was killed yesterday

The largest match so far. Headed to West Florissant.

Trying to get the crowd to disburse before things get ugly. Some not happy about it.

Looting and chaos in #Ferguson right now.

The smell of smoke, the sound of helicopters, breaking glass and alarms. #Ferguson right now.

Lots of cars gathered at W. Florissant & Chambers, outside #Ferguson in neighboring Dellwood. Ppl yelling from cars. The helicopter is here.

Dobbs Tire has also been smashed into in Dellwood.

Police are now stationed at the Wal-Mart on W. Florissant to protect it from looters. #Ferguson

Police armored vehicle driving down W. Florisant. "St. Louis police. Please return to your homes," they say.

SWAT outside Walgreens at W. Florisant and Chambers.


#Ferguson mayor tells media that anyone who shows up to the rally this morning "will be arrested".

Police and protestors in #ferguson right now

Still a lot of anger today in #Ferguson

Young men asking why #MikeBrown wasn't tased instead of shot and killed by #Ferguson police

Police from all area municipalities have turned the Target parking lot into a huge staging area. #Ferguson

More police on the scene. They are getting shotguns and rifles out of their trunks.

Small group of peaceful demonstrators at the #Ferguson Police Dept headquarters. "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!"

Hearing the sound of police cock their rifles. Right now at W. Florissant and Chambers #ferguson

Right now at W. Florissant and Chambers #ferguson

Peaceful demonstration at the #Ferguson Police HQ. My fellow STL alderman @shanecohn, rapper @TefPoe, and #BAPS star Anisha are here.

Shout out to @STLFireDept for being present in #STL County to help if needed. And thx @CFDstlfd for advising that milk helps with tear gas.

BuzzFeed reached out to French for this article, but did not immediately receive a response.

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