These Divers Swam With A Giant Great White Shark And It's Jaw-Dropping

It was nothing like Jaws.

A group of divers had a rare experience when they recently swam with the largest-known great white shark in waters off of Hawaii.

Some of the freedivers even TOUCHED the great white.

This shark is known as Deep Blue and is believed to be the largest great white shark ever filmed.

Tuesday's swim was particularly unusual since white sharks tend to avoid Hawaii, as they prefer colder waters.

Footage showed the whale carcass being towed from the shoreline as it was followed by sharks.

One Ocean Diving headed to see the sharks gathered around the whale carcass, and that's when Deep Blue brushed up against their boat, introducing herself.

Ramsey speculated that Deep Blue was itching her pregnant-looking belly when she rubbed up on the boat.

Deep Blue was being escorted by rough-toothed dolphins when Ramsey encountered the shark.

This video shows human–shark contact, which is WOW.

In another video, Kayleigh Nicole Burns, a diver with One Ocean, also touches the great white.

This video shows a freediver touching and redirecting Deep Blue, and it is both terrifying and amazing.

Ramsey advocates for shark conservation, writing that the animals have a bad reputation because "of the negative and inaccurate way they are portrayed in mass media."

But some marine biologists criticized Ramsey and her crew for touching the great white.

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