Apple CEO Tim Cook Attends San Francisco Pride Festival

Cook wore the Apple Pride shirt Sunday along with other Apple employees at the parade.

Mark Bober, an Apple employee, tweeted this picture with Tim Cook at the San Francisco Pride Festival.

The 44th Annual San Francisco Pride Parade comes just two days after a CNBC host, Simon Hobbs, accidentally outed Tim Cook — who is widely reported to be gay, but has not formally come out — during a panel discussion.

Cook has yet to speak directly about his sexual orientation, but he has consistently spoken about LGBT rights as a human rights issue.

Thousands of Apple employees attended the parade and wore the specially designed Apple Pride shirts.

Congrats to 5000 Apple employees/families who attended today’s Pride parade.Inclusion inspires innovation.#applepride

Company employees also handed out iTunes gift cards to those attending the parade.

Look what #applepride will passing out!!! #sfpride

Tim Cook greeted employees and their families early in the morning, but did not march in the parade himself, Reuters reported.

Just saying hi to the CEO :) @tim_cook Officially the best picture ever. #applepride #apple #timcook #pride #sfpride

Many Apple employees posted their selfies with Cook from the Pride Festival:

Selfie with my favorite CEO @tim_cook & @dsteele7 Love my company! #ApplePride

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