A Look Back At Zsa Zsa Gabor's Nine Marriages

Socialite and actress Zsa Zsa Gabor died on Sunday at 99. These photos show her many romances and nine marriages.

Zsa Zsa Gabor, who died on Sunday at 99, lived a long and glamorous life in the spotlight. She married nine men and had several other whirlwind romances.

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Gabor was famously quoted as saying, “I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man, I keep his house.” Here's a look back at her many relationships.

Zsa Zsa Gabor, then known as Sari, was first married in 1937 to Turkish diplomat Burhan Belge. The couple divorced in 1941.

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Gabor's second husband was Conrad Hilton, who was 55 years old when they married in 1942. Gabor was in her mid-20s, and later said in her memoir that she became pregnant with their child, Francesca, after Hilton raped her. The couple divorced in 1947.

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Seen at a party at Ciro's in Hollywood on Dec. 27, 1953.

On April, 1, 1949, Gabor announced she planned to wed actor George Sanders. The couple married the next day in Las Vegas.

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Two years after their divorce in 1954, they starred in the film Death of a Scoundrel together.

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Gabor with Sanders arriving at Romanoff's for dinner in Hollywood in the 1950s.

In the 1970s, Sanders married Zsa Zsa Gabor's older sister Magda, but the marriage only lasted 32 days.

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Gabor with Sanders, her ex-husband, at the opening night of Private Lives at the Huntington Hartford Theatre in Hollywood in 1970.

In 1972, Sanders killed himself. Gabor said she was heartbroken by his death, calling him “the major love of my life.”


Host Jerome Ohrbach greets Gabor and Sanders on Dec. 12, 1952 in Los Angeles.

Gabor's next romance was with Dominican diplomat Porfirio Rubirosa, who was married at the time to heiress Barbara Hutton.

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Gabor and Rubirosa pose in Paris on May 4, 1954.

Gabor later hinted she was close to marrying wealthy Los Angeles contractor Hal B. Hayes, but a wedding never happened.

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Gabor and Hal Hayes in March, 1956.

Gabor's fourth husband was industrialist Herbert L. Hutner, whom she married on Nov. 5, 1962.

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They divorced four years later.

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Gabor with Hutner and daughter Francesca Hilton, circa 1965.

After divorcing Hutner, Gabor wed in 1966 for a fifth time. She told reporters at the wedding that she met Dallas petroleum executive Joshua S. Cosden Jr. six weeks earlier at a party. Gabor and Cosden divorced the following year.

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In 1975, Gabor married her sixth husband, Jack Ryan, an American designer credited with creating the Barbie doll. The couple divorced in 1976.

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Just days after finalizing her divorce with Ryan, Gabor married Beverly Hills lawyer Michael O'Hara at the Las Vegas Hilton. In 1982, Gabor married again, this time to Felipe de Alba, but the marriage proved invalid because her divorce from O'Hara was not finalized.

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Gabor poses with her eighth husband, Count Felipe de Alba, on a yacht after their wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on April 14, 1982.

In 1986, Gabor married for the final time to Prince Frederick von Anhalt. He was in his 40s, she in her 60s. Her sister Eva and mother Jolie boycotted the ceremony at her Bel-Air home.

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Still, their marriage proved to be Gabor's longest lasting. In 2011, von Anhalt bought a billboard in West Hollywood to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

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