What Marriage Equality Means To People In Alabama

After months of legal back-and-forth in the state over whether same-sex marriage licenses could be issued, people in Montgomery, Alabama, share what the definitive Supreme Court ruling means to them.

1. "ENDA [Employment Non-Discrimination Act]: nondiscrimination across the land!"

2. "Benefits. Benefits!"

3. "Dignity."

4. "One step closer to equality [for] all!"

5. "Love wins!"

6. "Truth."

7. "Time for E.N.D.A.! ❤️ "

8. "Marriage equality means that my son and everyone else I love can marry who they love."

9. "Equality for all!"

10. "Tears of joy! ❤️ wins!"

11. "More love... and more wedding parties!"

12. "The age of enlightenment is finally here!"

13. "Total ecstasy!"

14. "Totally elated!"

15. Children, being a dad!"

16. "About damn time!!!!!"

17. "Free to be me!"

18. "Freedom in America!!"

19. "Love."

20. "Finally."

21. "Marriage equality = progress."

22. And lastly: