The White House Said Trump's NFL Feud Is "Pretty Black And White" And People Took Notice

The press secretary's comments came just days after President Trump said any NFL player who takes a knee in protest during the national anthem should be fired.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Thursday defended President Trump’s criticism of NFL players kneeling in protest during the national anthem by saying it's "pretty black and white." So naturally, people were like, 👀

Sarah Huckabee Sanders on anthem protests by NFL players: "I don't think there's much to clarify, it's pretty black…

Trump's comments "shouldn't be about the NFL against the president. This should be about our country coming together," Huckabee Sanders said during Thursday's White House press briefing.

Reporter April Ryan attempted to clarify her question, pointing out that many players are protesting racial injustices, to which Huckabee Sanders responded, "I don’t think there’s much to clarify. It’s pretty black and white there."

Trump and the NFL have been in an ongoing feud since Friday, when the president said that any player who did not stand for the anthem was a "son of a bitch" who should be fired.

The protests began last year when then-quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick, repeatedly knelt during the anthem as a demonstration against police violence toward people of color.

The president's comments drew national debates about free speech and the right to protest. While a number of players said the kneeling is a statement about racism in the country, Trump has insisted the issue is about respect for the country and the flag.

People immediately picked up on the press secretary's choice of words.

@ambiej @AprilDRyan @SarahHuckabee TFW you realize the commonly-used phrase you decided to use was not the one you…

"This is pretty black and white" says Sarah Huckabee Sanders on the NFL controversy. Yup.

"you're black, i'm white. black and white. next question?"

Just graded some math exams. We don't give points when the answer is correct for the wrong reasons.

@ambiej @KFILE @AprilDRyan @SarahHuckabee

LOL at @SarahHuckabee for saying the NFL issue is "pretty black and white" and not even getting the irony of her own words.

Basically all of Twitter right now:

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