"Saved By The Bell" Actor Dustin "Screech" Diamond Sentenced For Bar Stabbing

The court ruled that the Saved by the Bell star did not recklessly endanger safety, but that he had carried a concealed weapon and behaved in a disorderly manner. He was sentenced to 4 months in jail.

On Thursday former Saved by the Bell actor Dustin Diamond was reportedly sentenced to 4 months in jail beginning Sunday.

Judge Paul Malloy also sentenced the actor, known as “Screech” in the 1990s television series, to 15 months probation, according to AP.

The sentence was intended "has to send a message to the community that we're just not going to live like this," Judge Malloy reportedly said at the sentencing hearing.

In early June a Wisconsin jury found Diamond not guilty of one felony charge but guilty of two misdemeanor charges in a bar stabbing on Christmas day, 2014 according to CNN.

During his initial hearing, the court ruled that Diamond did not recklessly endanger safety, but that he carried a concealed weapon and behaved in a disorderly manner, according to CNN.

On Christmas day last year, Diamond and his girlfriend Amanda Schutz — who live in Port Washington — were out at several bars when a fight broke out between them, two men, and a woman.

Witnesses at the trial testified that Schutz, pushed and grabbed at women in the bar, initiating the bar fight. Schutz was also convicted of disorderly conduct at the beginning of the month, and Malloy fined her $500.

According to CBS, Diamond said that the fight broke out after some people asked him to pose for a photo and others started badgering the former child actor and his girlfriend.

“I felt like we were being set up for antagonistic purposes,” Diamond said.

A man was stabbed under the armpit during the brawl, but the injury was not life threatening. Diamond claimed he had a “pen” during the fight, but police later found a switchblade in his car, which was allegedly covered in blood.

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