Our 17 Biggest Investigations Of 2017

An innocent man freed after 23 years behind bars. Russian assassinations. Psychiatric hospitals beset by violence. Sexual assault at America's largest massage chain. Shadowy CIA contractors. And, yes, Donald Trump.

1. Helping to free an innocent man who'd spent 23 years behind bars

2. Exposing the true scale of Russia's targeted assassinations in the West — and how UK and US authorities have turned a blind eye

3. A prescription for violence

4. Sexual assault at Massage Envy

5. A dirty offshore bank — and its blue-chip Western enablers and protectors

6. TrumpWorld

7. The most influential racist you never heard of

8. Following the money in the Trump-Russia investigation

9. She told the DEA its agent was a stalker — then things got really bad

10. Donald Trump's lawyer

11. BP's dangerous accidents in Alaska

12. “If You Keep Fucking With Mr. Trump, We Know Where You Live”

13. Fake news

14. The US government's shadowy national security contractors

15. Whistleblowers: FBI software contains Russian-made code

16. "Domestic spying"

17. A secret meeting

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