This Woman Was Called "Quirky" For Not Wearing Heels To An Inauguration And People Are Pissed

"Should she have a tie like everyone else?"

On Sunday, at the inauguration ceremony for the new president of France, Emanuel Macron, Sibeth Ndiaye, Macron's adviser in charge of press relations, wore a floral dress, a leather jacket, and white shoes.

French website Purepeople dedicated an article to her look, calling it "quirky".

But some people took issue with their take on her outfit.

En quoi c'est "décalé" ?😕

"How is this 'quirky.'"

Many thought that calling it "quirky" was reaching.

Elle porte une robe à fleurs des derbies et un perfecto. Où est le décalage ?!?! @purepeople

"She's wearing a flower dress, flats, and a leather jacket. Where is the quirky?"

Son look "décalé". Putain mais quelle tristesse cet article.

"It's a 'quirky' look.

Fuck, how sad is this article."

And that heels should not be mandatory.

"...des talons auraient été attendus pour ce type de rendez-vous protocolaires..." WTF???? 😡 via @purepeople

"'...Heels would have been expected for this type of ceremony...' WTF? 😡 "

And that people should stop commenting systematically on women's clothes.

Donc on en est encore à commenter le look des femmes ? C'est d'un naze...

"So we are still commenting on how women look? It sucks."



Others made jokes about the fact that Ndiaye's look only seemed different because the men were ALL dressed the same.

Et y'a 7 gars qui sont fringués pareil et vous dites rien ?

"And there are seven guys who are like this and you say nothing?"

Elle aurait dû mettre un costume cravate comme tout le monde ? #SeuleMeuf #passationdepouvoir

"Should she have a tie like everyone else?"

After all, they only had to come wearing suits.

Les autres n'avaient qu'à venir en robe et puis c'est tout. Que cela plaise ou non, elle est devant. Voilà ce qui v…

"The others only had to come in a suit and then that's all. Like it or not, she is in front. That's what upsets you."

Other journalists tweeted their support for Ndiaye.

#TraduisonsLes Sibeth Ndiaye l'audacieuse qui ose ne pas être un homme blanc en costume noir.

"Sibeth Ndiaye the bold one who dares to not be a white man in a black suit."

Décalé de quoi ?! Des 6 gars tous habillés pareil derrière elle ?! Big up au passage pour le perfecto

"Quirky from what?! From the six guys all dressed the same behind her?! And by the way, props for the leather jacket"

And it even caught the attention of Cécile Duflot, a French politician gained notoriety in France in 2012, when she was whistled at the Assembly because of a floral dress.

During the ceremony, Brigitte Macron's look was also commented on by Twitter users, but also by the commentators of TV station France 2, who said she wore a "pretty short skirt for the event".

As a result, some people note that no matter what they do, women always seem to be wrong.

Alors Sibeth Ndiaye n'est pas assez bien habillée, Brigitte Macron est trop bien habillée. Qu'est ce qu'il vous faut ? #PassationDePouvoir

"So Sibeth Ndiaye is not well-dressed enough, Brigitte Macron is too well-dressed. What do you want?"

Jupe trop courte, sac trop cher, talons trop plats, mdr vous êtes super chiants sérieux.

Skirt too short, too expensive bag, heels too flat, LOL you are super boring seriously.

BuzzFeed News reached out to Purepeople for comment.

This post was translated from French.

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