The Dating Perils Of The Modern Finance Bro

BuzzFeed conducted a highly unscientific, informal survey in the bars of Stone Street to find out what goes on in a finance bro's heart. Based on a random sample of fellows from Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs, we found that for the bros of Wall Street, the line between feeling objectified and doing the objectifying is blurry.

"I hit on women by attractiveness."

"I don't want to be objectified by that feeling like my salary is tattooed on my head."

"Money is an aphrodisiac."

"I can tell in a minute flat if she's looking at me for my money."

"If you put a five at the end of a wad of $100s, when someone needs change or it's time to tip, you have to flip through them all in front of her."

"'Who do you work for?' Is the worst thing. I'll typically walk away."

"Some guys play the money card, they'll just pull their business card out."

"I almost try to make it seem like I'm a teller in the bank."

"I'll ask what kind of car a girl drives, knowing she doesn't drive a car so she'll ask me about mine."

"Same for a house in the Hamptons. I'll ask her where she goes out so she knows I have a house."

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