9 Special Collectibles From Disgraced Companies You Can Buy On eBay

People are hocking everything from Salomon Brothers stock certificates to a Bear Stearns visor, in case you want the corporate memories.

1. A Bear Stearns collectible visor from the 2006 U.S. Open for $14.99.

There are currently zero bids.

2. Fleeces from SAC Capital, Sigma Capital, Stratix, and Quadrum for $1,500.

3. An Arthur Andersen softball tee-shirt from 2001 for $9.99.

4. A tote bag from Lehman Brothers with "LEATHER HANDLES!" for $35.50.

5. An Enron mouse pad for $8.99.

6. A Salomon Brothers issued collectible stock certificate for $9.99.

7. A Stratton Oakmont training guide from 1995 for $30.

8. A Bear Stearns "Wall Street Computer/Shoulder Bag" for $82

9. A Shearson Lehman Brothers business card holder plus FREE PEN for $7.50

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