The Latest Additions To "New Mutants" Have Spawned Complicated Conversations About Race

It was recently announced that Blu Hunt will play Dani Moonstar and Henry Zaga will play Sunspot in Fox's new X-Men spin-off... and not everyone is happy about it.

The main cast of Fox's new X-Men spin-off New Mutants is now complete: On Friday, it was announced that Blu Hunt will play Dani Moonstar (also known as Mirage).

Dani Moonstar is one of the rare Native American superheroes in mainstream comics, and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie focuses on her famous "Demon Bear" storyline.

After an international search, Hunt, who is part Native American, was cast to play the Cheyenne mutant. And though some were excited...

Blu Hunt is Native American, FYI. 👍🏾 She has Danielle's features (depends on the artwork you look at). Good job!!…

yay blu hunt was cast!! congrats @blufacee, dani is my favorite ❤️

Others were less enthused about the casting.

Not crazy about that Dani Moonstar casting. I don't hate it, but I wanted a more Native American (looking) actress.

I guess Blu Hunt is part Native American, but she doesn't look like Dani Moonstar to me.

Greg Thelen / Via Twitter: @gregthelen

And it wasn't long before backlash started to bubble.

danielle moonstar is full cheyenne and dark skinned but this blu hunt actress is neither idk if I can be hyped for new mutants anymore

jaimie / Via Twitter: @chIoebennets

Blu Hunt is, what, 1/4 Native American? Add the Sunspot guy, this cast is somehow still gonna glow in the dark.

El Anderson / Via Twitter: @FemmesinFridges

Hunt's social media accounts indicate that she has long identified with issues important to the indigenous community, especially the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Around Thanksgiving, she posted: "Having native heritage and being a vegetarian always brings mixed emotions this time of the year. ... Most of us have a lot to be thankful for, but we can not be distracted. We must continue to fight for human rights, animal rights and protecting our planet."

She's also retweeted accounts rallying for support of indigenous issues.

Shortly after the casting was officially announced on Friday, Hunt posted the following on Instagram:

When it was revealed on Thursday that Zaga would play Sunspot, some pointed out that his casting erases the blackness of the traditionally Afro-Latino character.

In his introduction in 1988's Marvel Graphic Novel #4, it's established that Roberto da Costa, aka Sunspot, is the son of an Afro-Brazilian father and white mother, and has faced discrimination due to his blackness.

Some fans of the character were quick to criticize the casting on Twitter.

Sunspot has ALWAYS been dark. They couldn't find a dark skinned Brazilian to play Bobby?

Pa$hun / Via Twitter: @Osito1034

This better not be true Sunspot is Afrolatinx. Don't erase his identity

Latinx Geeks / Via Twitter: @LatinxGeeks

They are casting Henry Zaga as Roberto Decosta aka Sunspot in New Mutants ? Roberto is meant to be Afro Brazilian.…

Tom / Via Twitter: @tommybIakes

This is sunspot. This is What sunspot should've been vs what they actually casted

Shortly after his casting was announced, Zaga said on Instagram and Twitter that he's "so humbled to get to play a Brazilian #xmen."

A representative for Fox did not have a comment about the fan reactions to the castings.

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