Here Are Some Roseanne Barr Tweets That Existed Before ABC Greenlighted Her Show

From anti-Muslim sentiment to Pizzagate, Roseanne Barr's tweet about Valerie Jarrett isn't exactly off-brand for her Twitter feed.

While it was a racist tweet about senior Obama administration adviser Valerie Jarrett that pushed ABC to cancel Roseanne, star Roseanne Barr's Twitter account was a problem before the revival was even greenlighted.

In fact, in 2013, Roseanne also compared Susan Rice, another black woman in then-president Obama's administration, to an ape.

@THEsaragilbert You know this wasn't Roseanne Barr first time calling a black woman an ape --

Via Twitter: @GRYKING

While Barr's Twitter timeline is now mostly retweets of others making harsh accusations against the religion of Islam, in 2013, she herself tweeted that Islam had a "rape pedo culture."

In 2015, after hearing there was a student-led movement at University of California, Davis, to divest from businesses with ties to Israel, Barr tweeted that she hoped the campus would be nuked.

Barr is also one of the main public figures who still believe the debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory. In February 2017, a couple months before the Roseanne revival was announced, she tweeted that Jeff Sessions was not being confirmed as attorney general because of Pizzagate rumors.

And even after the revival premiered, Barr tweeted about Trump breaking up trafficking rings in high places, continuing to allude to Pizzagate.

Finally, the same week Barr spread QAnon theories, she got in trouble for accusing teen activist David Hogg of giving a Nazi salute.

ICYMI Roseanne replied to a David Hogg conspiracy theorist who tagged the actual boy, but then ABC made her delete it. Don't worry, here's a screenshot:

Adam Sass / Via Twitter: @TheAdamSass

So while Barr was able to keep her controversial tweets more veiled during the promotion of the Roseanne revival and has deleted her most controversial tweets, she has never stopped being controversial on Twitter since she first started tweeting in March 2011.

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