Comedian D.L. Hughley Says Bill Cosby's Imprisonment Should Be A #Y'allToo Movement

The comedian pointed out on BuzzFeed News' Profile that very powerful people accused of sexual misconduct — like President Donald Trump — still have large support from women.

Comedian D.L. Hughley said he finds the #MeToo movement to be "disingenuous" not because of the men that it has taken down, but because of the men — and the support system behind them — whose power still remains unaffected.

Appearing on BuzzFeed News' Profile on Sunday night, Hughley expanded on his recent tweets about convicted rapist Bill Cosby to highlight his point.

#Cosby gets 3-10 years for sexual assault. #Trump admits on tape to sexual assault against women & he becomes president. #Kavanaugh has been accused & yet he’s up for #SupremeCourtJudge. If we’re gonna convict sexual predators to the pen, shouldn’t we convict them all? #TeamDl

"I'm not saying that Bill Cosby shouldn't be in jail, but I'm saying he should have some company," the comedian said on Profile. "If I was Bill Cosby, I'd start a #Y'allToo movement, and it would have Catholic priests, a Supreme Court justice, and the president."

Hughley said the #MeToo movement has proven to be "fairly disingenuous" because people accused of sexual misconduct, like President Donald Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, remain in power with women supporters. "Fifty-two percent of white women voted for a man they believed to be a sexual predator," he said, referring to Trump.

"It isn't that men don't believe women; it's that women don't believe women," Hughley said. "Like, women will do better when they start believing in themselves.

"To me, if you've been a victim, then the one thing you would have is a level of compassion, and you wouldn't be used as a pawn to make this other person look bad," he added.

Hughley also wondered whether how far back #MeToo should look, pointing out that a historical figure like Thomas Jefferson is still widely celebrated.

"[Jefferson] was a rapist, and we go to schools named after him, so if we're going to have a #MeToo movement that rectifies historical wrongs, we can't just stop at 20 years. Or 30. It can't have a moratorium. It can't have an expiration date," he said.

Hughley made no mention of Tarana Burke, the founder of the #MeToo movement, who happens to be a black woman, during his remarks.

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