The NFL's Twitter Account Was Hacked To Say That Commissioner Roger Goodell Had Died

Actually, he's still alive.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is very much alive, despite a tweet sent from the NFL's official Twitter account Tuesday that claimed he had died suddenly.

The tweets were quickly deleted, and an NFL spokesperson confirmed that Goodell is alive, the NFL's account had been compromised, and that the league is "looking into it."

The apparent hacker got a few tweets off before the NFL managed to change its password, or something like that.

So to recap: The NFL Commissioner is not dead, the NFL needs to change their Twitter password, and never believe anything you see online.

Goodell sent a tweet Tuesday from his personal Twitter account laughing the whole thing off. #harsh

Man, you leave the office for 1 day of golf w/ @JimKelly1212 & your own network kills you off. #harsh

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