Donald Trump Was Asked About The Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Because Why Not

"I don't think they had a choice."

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had some choice words for reporters at a news conference on Tuesday.

.@realDonaldTrump on @CincinnatiZoo's controversial decision to kill gorilla: "I don't think they had a choice"

After announcing he had raised $5.6 million for veterans organizations, he blasted reporters for asking critical questions about the money, calling one ABC News reporter sleazy.

In a campaign season known for its "anything goes" style, Trump going off on journalists is par for the course. But it was a question that came from the press corps that somehow managed to throw some people off.

A reporter asked Trump about the Cincinnati Zoo's controversial decision to kill a gorilla after a boy fell into its enclosure.

Donald Trump on @CincinnatiZoo #gorilla "I don't think they had another choice." Full video:

"I think it's a very tough call," Trump said. "It was amazing because there were moments with the gorilla — the way he held that child, it was almost like a mother holding a baby. Looked so beautiful and calm. And there were moments where it looked pretty dangerous."

"I don't think they had a choice," he added. "It's too bad there wasn't another way."

Almost immediately, people had some thoughts about asking the potential leader of the Republican party about Harambe the gorilla.

"lol nothing matters"

People also wanted to know which reporter asked Trump — who is accused of fraud by former Trump University students and has seen a number of his businesses file highly publicized bankruptcies — about a gorilla.

Turns out it was Hunter Walker, a national correspondent at Yahoo News.

Welcome to 2016, folks.

Trump asked question on the Gorilla... Peak 2016.

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