This 11-Year-Old Kid Can Shoot Hoops Better Than You

There is a new MVP on the court.

Stephen Curry may finally meet his competition. This 11-year-old kid is getting a ton of attention after he flawlessly copied one of Curry's routines during a pre-game warm-up.

The basketball prodigy is Noah Cutler from Leesburg, Virginia. Noah has been playing hoops for a little more than two years, Noah's father Josh Cutler told BuzzFeed News.

Cutler enrolled Noah in an Upward Basketball league when he was 9.

"He did really well," Cutler said. "Next thing I know, he picked up basketball and wouldn't stop."

Now, Noah travels up and down the East Coast with the D1SA Spartans, a team which his dad coaches.

He's clearly very good.

Like really, really good.

At just 4 feet 3 inches, he runs circles around the taller kids.

Noah told BuzzFeed News that he's often underestimated by his opponents because of his height. He recalled a time when he was playing a one-on-one practice game with an opposing team.

"Someone smiled at me because I'm small," he said. "Then I squared on him."

He can even keep up with semi-pro players.

His obvious talent even got him a chance to hang out with Wizards star John Wall at a practice last year. Wall signed his jersey and wished him good luck.

Noah told BuzzFeed News he overcomes any low expectations by showing "that I can do it and size doesn’t matter."

As for Noah's future goals. he said he plans to attend college on a scholarship. After that, he hopes to join the NBA or play overseas.

"We're all committed to it as long as he's on board," Noah's dad said. "If he picked up an art brush and said he wanted to start painting, then we'd go along with that.

Noah said the Washington Wizards would be his dream team to play for if he joins the NBA.

And with these skills, his dreams may come true sooner than he may think.