People Are Slipping On Banana Peels To See If They Will Fall Like In A Cartoon

Don't do this, kids.

It's a classic slapstick gaffe in cartoon storylines — an unsuspecting character steps on a banana peel and falls flat on their face.

But people are now for some reason investigating the truth behind this depiction. Are banana peels really that slippery? A bunch of teens are hurting themselves to find out.

Incase y'all are wondering, yes banana peels are slippery

It all started Sunday when Twitter user Jason Oakes claims he got the idea to test out whether banana peels are actually as slippery as they seem in cartoons and movies.

"I'm a little scared," he said in a video posted on Sunday. "Oh, it is slippery."

yall I tried to see if banana peels were rlly slipper like in cartoons & I slipped & tried 2 catch myself w/ a cup..

In mid-sentence, Oakes slips on the peel and grabs a cup on the way down, splattering water all over the kitchen. He falls with a big thud on the ground, then screams.

Ever since Oakes's big blunder, teens are now posting videos of themselves slipping on banana peels under the hashtag #BananaPeelChallenge.

NOTE: Don't do this, it is dangerous!


So there's this thing going around, so I decided try it too😅🍌 #bananapeelchallenge @lilliecrawford_ @jaasonoakes

😬 😬 😬 😬

#bananapeelchallenge u can't see,but my leg ran into a pole. No lie it was kind of fun @ryan_mallah

This girl did the challenge twice.

HAHAH LAUREN DOESNT HAVE A TWITTER BUT SHE SENT ME THIS @jaasonoakes @lilliecrawford_ #bananapeelchallenge

Even people in the military are giving it a try.

But teens are not the only ones taking up the banana peel challenge: Adults are now (more responsibly) doing it too.

Jane tries the #bananapeelchallenge on @ChrisJohnJane

A TV reporter in Arkansas gave it a timid try around a lot of sharp, expensive equipment. They decided the real risk is in how slippery the banana peel leaves your shoe.

So @KATVChris tried the #bananapeelchallenge - Kids don't do it!

So, kids, remember: Bananas are just meant to be eaten.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Oakes for comment.

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