People From Around The World Are Judging The US Voting System


As the United States votes in the midterm elections, people from around the world are watching with bated breath.

The reality, after all, is that the US’s politics tend to become everyone’s problem.

Canadians are, frankly, pretty worried.

Canadians watching Americans vote in the 2016 election, vs. Canadians watching Americans vote in #Midterms2018.

Though it’s hard to say if it’s any worse than last time.

Me, a Canadian, watching American election results in 2016 vs 2018

So sorry to judge, but we’re judging.

We are watching #America. Get it together! You’re collectively looking foolish.

We’re also seriously judging how this whole thing is run. Why is it so hard to vote?

@DanRather I'm Canadian and I moved less than 2 months before the last provincial election. I updated my address online and received a voting card in the mail. My Dad did not change his online & it still only took him about 5 minutes to change it before he voted.

You’ve noticed this is a problem, right?

No power cords for voting machines, machines breaking down, polling stations opening late, not enough ballots. Who the fuck is running these places. I'm Canadian, have voted every election my entire life and not once have I ever encountered a problem.

Waiting hours to vote isn’t normal, you guys.

@pdmcleod @JoanneCangal Canadian here. I've never waited more than five minutes to vote. Even when there's a line out the door, voting only takes about 30 seconds per person. Also, we use paper ballots. You can't hack a paper ballot.

Just checking.

It’s a similar story in Australia.

The last time I voted on election day here in Australia, I did it in between missing my bus and the time the next one came. I waited in line for about ten minutes.

And Aussies are extra confused considering their elections are mandatory, happen on Saturdays, and involve sausage.

Watching midterm voting suppression happening while I’m in Australia whilst Aussies tell me they’re fined if they DONT vote which happens on Saturdays at schools with grills cooking up “democracy sausages”

It’s called “democracy sausage” and it’s a real thing.

I can't vote in the US midterms, but I can offer a tasty democracy sausage as a gift from Australia to USA <3 1RT = 1 more American voter 🙏📥🌭🙏

Elsewhere in the Commonwealth, the UK is sipping some tea, too.

@Picard_Resists I've NEVER had to wait more than a couple of minutes for a voting cubicle to become free in the UK. I don't understand why America makes democracy so complicated.

Where are you watching the elections from? Tell us how you’re feeling in the comments.

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