TI's "Whatever You Like" Has Been Memed Into A Pro-Biden Song

"I want Joe Biden, need Joe Biden."

A 2008 banger is back in a big way on social media because, if you listen with a little imagination, you may hear a certain presidential candidate's name.

TI's "Whatever You Like" has been repurposed as a pump-up jam for Joe Biden supporters, and is now a meme for those hoping for a blue crush on the election map.

When TI says, "I need your body, want your body," it does in fact kind of sound like "I need Joe Biden, need Joe Biden."

The current meme appears to have started with this tweet and blown up from there.

I want Joe Biden, need Joe Biden or whatever TI said 😩

Although she's not the first person to make the connection.

“Whatever You Like” by TI came on while I was at the gym today and I got so nostalgic for the good old days when I used to listen to that every morning during my drive to the campaign office in MA and yell “Want Joe Biden! Need Joe Biden!” to get hyped for the day lol

And the joke has been around since at least 2012.

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People are now ~manifesting~.

I want Joe Biden, need Joe Biden long as you got him you won't need nobody

What did TI know that we didn't?

TI really called this in 2008 he said I want Joe Biden Need Joe Biden https://t.co/y8J1RFEM1t

Frankly, it's hard to unhear at this point.

I’m never gonna Unhear TI singing ‘I need joe Biden’ 😂💀 iykyk

And at this delirious point in this very long election, it's a bit of a welcome moment of levity.

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