People Are Celebrating Their Identities With This TikTok DNA Test Meme

Turns out I'm 100% a meme.

People are repping their identities and poking fun at stereotypes with a TikTok meme that has taken over the app.

It all started with a song from Lizzo. She raps the iconic line, "I just took a DNA test / turns out I'm 100% that bitch."

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TikTok users started making videos with that line. Soon, people were adjusting the audio to suit their own unique identities.

Like, for example, being Arab.

Or British.

Or French.

Or German.

There's even a Canadian pup.

People also celebrated their spirituality, like this one about being Jewish.

Or this one about being Catholic.

Naturally, things also got weird.

And also super meta.

But hats off to iHeartRadio, who got Lizzo herself to join in.

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