This Is How The Internet Memed Trump's Second Impeachment

Get ready for peach puns.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump was impeached for the second time in his presidency, marking a historic first.

But unlike during the impeachments of Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, we now have TikTok and Twitter. Social media was buzzing all day about the impeachment, mainly with a whole lot of puns.

Specifically, puns about peaches.

so you’re telling me this man got stuck in a peach TWICE? 😂

Twitter: @rohmontgomery

Impeach. In peach. You get it.

LMAOOO even this mf only got in a peach one time

Twitter: @DylPixel_
Twitter: @5ftunderr

Call Me by Your Name also made several somewhat NSFW appearances.

Twitter: @mirajslut

There was a related NSFW meme about Mario, but you can find that one on your own.

For even more punny goodness, people made all sorts of peach-mint drinks.

Mmmm-peach-mint No. 2 (is there a greater reason to celebrate?)

Twitter: @TheRealSamCasey

The mild winter means I still have enough fresh mint to make (in)peach-mint tea

Twitter: @jdekstrand

The word "twice" also made perfect fodder for fans of the K-pop group Twice.

trump got impeached not once but

Twitter: @boopyape

Over on TikTok, before the vote even got underway, Kamala Harris's niece, Meena, set the mood by offering her aunt some impeach-mints.

There were people excited enough about the vote to express it musically.

People then took that sound and recorded themselves making and drinking their morning coffees.

Others reacted to the results as they happened.

There were a few memes that emerged both before and after the vote. One came as people noticed that Speaker Nancy Pelosi wore the same outfit as she did when the House voted in Trump's first impeachment.


Just a note that Nancy Pelosi is a badass & has an actual impeachment outfit. #greenscreen #trump #impeach #impeachment #fyp #icon #pelosi

♬ original sound - Nate Morris

Here's a side-by-side — the photo on the left is from Dec. 18, 2019, and the one on the right is from Wednesday.

Peaches also appeared, naturally.

Including cocktails.

Another meme used a classic TikTok sound — "I'd have two nickels — which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice," a clip from Phineas and Ferb.

History often repeats itself, but usually not this quickly.