This Teacher Made Meme Stickers To Grade Papers With And They’re Perfect

Fact: Teens love memes.

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking, right?

But no. This is good and pure, and let’s get into this with open hearts.

Ainee Fatima, a high school English teacher in Chicago, was recently grading papers when brilliance struck.

“I was just grading and I was really frustrated, and in my head I was just like, I wish my kids could see my face right now, because the answers they were writing were just incredibly wrong,” Fatima told BuzzFeed News.

“So I was like, let’s print out some memes.”

She did just that, using a regular printer and some sticker sheets.

And bam!

I love grading with my new stickers!

Fatima tweeted about her new stickers, and it’s since gone viral, with more than 40,000 retweets.

You have to admit, they’re pretty awesome. And her media studies students love them.

“They love memes — they try to bring them up in class any way they can,” she said.

“I handed them back to the kids and immediately they were just laughing everywhere. It took a good couple of minutes to calm them down.”

Students were upset if they hadn’t gotten a sticker on their work.

And yes, they got regular marks, too. The stickers are just some added fun.

The viral tweet even created an opportunity for Fatima to teach her students about social media and what it means to go viral.

**just a lil info about my class, i teach a "media studies" english class, we literally study/analyze the media & write! Social media, trends, news, politics, music, film...the meme stickers were deff appropriate for my class.

“It was a super teaching moment,” she said.

At 27, Fatima is a young teacher, and she knows it can he hard to walk the line between being relatable and being patronizing. Her students are seniors, and they’re a lot more grown up than she remembers being in high school. For example, many of them work long hours outside of class to help support their families.

“These kids are a lot more adult than we think they might be,” she said. “I think teachers tend to forget to treat them like their age.”

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