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Burger King’s New Black Slushie Is Turning People’s Poop Funny Colors

The Scary Black Cherry slushie adds a thrill to your bowel movements.

Posted on October 19, 2018, at 2:46 p.m. ET

Burger King has released a Scary Black Cherry slushie, which is great news for ~spooky szn~ enthusiasts.

Burger King

In fact, it’s so festive that it even turns your poop spooky colors.

Dear @BurgerKing , Your "Spooky Black cherry" slushy turned my poop blackish blue. Thanks. (Just like those spooky black bun sandwiches.)... Thanks.

People are reporting that the slushie turned their poop various shades, ranging from bright blue to pure, spooky black.

Okay so @BurgerKing has a new frozen beverage out called “scary black cherry”. It is SO GOOD. It turns your tongue black. I thought that was as spooky as it was gonna get. LITTLE DID I KNOW, it also turns your poop black. Like pitch fucking black. Very scary black cherry indeed

People seem to be...enjoying it?

I drank a @BurgerKing scary black cherry icee and my shit turned blue. Neon blue. Everyone should get one. Blue poop makes everything seem better.

Some people are specifically seeking it out.

Doing an experiment to see what color my poop turns if I drink 2 of the black cherry slushees from @BurgerKing lol

It really adds a thrill to the beverage experience.

Dear @BurgerKing , Your "Spooky Black cherry" slushy turned my poop blackish blue. Thanks. (Just like those spooky black bun sandwiches.)... Thanks.

BuzzFeed News reached out to Burger King to find out what exactly makes the slushie black, but the chain has not replied to multiple requests for comment.

If all this rings a bell, that’s because a few years ago Burger King released a Whopper with a black bun that turned people’s poop a lovely emerald green.

Again, it was all very festive.

Yesterday I had the Halloween Whopper... Today my poop is green. Yesterday was the last time I'll have the Halloween Whopper.

The suspected culprit in that case was just a whole bunch of food dye, according to a report from USA Today.

It’s probably safe to assume this year’s pitch-black slushie is also the result of a lot of food dye that then makes its way to your poop.

Food dye is pretty much harmless, so the only effect is visual. If you’re really into this idea of colored poop, red beets can also dye your feces for a little surprise in the toilet bowl.

Happy Halloween to your bowels!

Even a little of the Halloween black cherry slushie at Burger King makes blueish poop. A new Halloween tradition started with the whopper last year