What The Fuck Is This Thing A Woman Pulled Out Of Her Sister's Belly Button

Sorry. Oh my god I'm so sorry.

Look, things are about to get really gross. If you want, you can just look at this puppy tummy and turn back.

Jamie Davis of Moore, Oklahoma, noticed something odd in her sister's belly button. Something that appeared to have hair.

That's when they got the tweezers. "She resisted, but I got in there realizing that it was much more than hair," Davis wrote on YouTube.

It did not want to come out at first. "It hurt really bad actually," Davis told BuzzFeed News. Her sister felt like her belly button "was being turned inside out."

But then finally...

Can you even imagine how goddamn satisfying that felt?



Davis wrote it's likely an umbolith, which is like a little stone made up of keratin and sebum. Delicious.

Along with blackhead extractions, umbolith removals seem to be pretty popular with the delightfully disgusting people who love popping videos.

The video went viral after being posted on Reddit. After being taken down and posted again, it's racking up views once more.

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"I think it popular because its not something you see every day and my brother and sister's reaction helped a lot also," said Davis.

"It was really funny. We posted the video just to post it and expose it a little. We never imagined it would be this popular or go this far."

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