People Want Instagram To Let Everyone Share Links In Their Stories Amid The Protests

Instagram, however, would not comment.

As protests against anti-black racism and police brutality continue across the United States, supporters have been sharing links to articles, bail funds, and advocacy organizations across social media.

But that's been much harder to do on Instagram, which has frustrated its users.

People are calling on the platform to change its policy, which only allows users who have at least 10,000 followers or who are verified to use the link feature in their stories. Users who do have access are able to add links that activate when you swipe up on a story, making it easy to share content.

People are saying it would be much easier to share resources during the protests if everyone could use the feature.

can @instagram stop being so elitist and enable the swipe up feature to all accounts specially in times like this!!?? it would be very useful and make sharing resources and useful info easier for everyone

I truly think that Instagram should allow EVERY user to be able to use the swipe up feature at this time. It is one of the most used platforms and so many resources could be spread around.

Currently, the only place users who are not verified or do not have 10,000 followers can share a link is in their profile bio, where there is space for one link.

That doesn't really cut it, though, if there's more than one thing to be shared.

Hey @instagram, can us mere mortals w/less than 10k followers all please get the swipe up feature now so we can properly share resources with our followers on articles to read, petitions to sign, and organizations to donate to in regards to the #BlackLivesMatter movement?

why can’t instagram allow the swipe up feature on stories for ALL accounts especially at the moment. It would make it much easier for people to share petitions especially young people who don’t have much of a following

When reached by BuzzFeed News, Instagram declined to comment on the suggestion of expanding the feature. Currently, the app restricts the feature to reduce spam and abuse.

People who do have the feature available have been using it during the protests to share things like this prewritten letter to a police department, from singer Halsey.

swipe up on halsey’s instagram story to access a pre-written email to the minneapolis police department

Liam Payne linked to the Black Lives Matter website.

📸 | Liam posted this to his instagram story. ‘#BlackLivesMatter Swipe up. ‘ (

Meanwhile, people have continued to call on the platform to change it.

To my friends @instagram you have always been committed to making sure people can connect to one another & raise their voice. I'm asking you to please allow ALL accounts to have the "swipe up" feature- to amplify voices, donation sites, protests & more crucial information.

instagram rly needs to lift the 10k followers/be verified requirement to have a swipe up link. it doesn’t make any sense why it isn’t accessible to anyone, regardless of follower count/verified status. it could help incite even more change to make things easier to share.

Unverified users can apply for verification if they are "a public figure, celebrity or brand and meet certain account and eligibility requirements," but the final decision is up to Instagram's discretion.

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