This Guy Became A Meme On TikTok When His Body Turned Into A Ceiling Fan

Maybe Zoom class is good after all.

A funny coincidence in a Zoom class has led to a moment in the spotlight for one young man whose body may or may not be a ceiling fan.

Like many other students, Keaton Dockery-Yanker is taking his classes at the University of Arizona online this semester. The junior was in a virtual finance class recently that turned him into a viral star.

It all started with a classmate, Sonia, whose grid of Zoom participants lined up just so that Dockery-Yanker had a fan for a body.

That TikTok went viral with more than 4 million views and lots of comments from people declaring themselves to be a "huge fan" of the mystery man.

It only took about five hours for the Fan Man himself to find the TikTok.

"I was with my girlfriend and she said like three people had sent it to her like, 'Is that your boyfriend?'" Dockery-Yanker told BuzzFeed News.

"And we died laughing."

Dockery-Yanker had a TikTok account but had never posted one of his own, and his girlfriend convinced him to duet the video.


#duet with @wydsonia please eliminate online classes

♬ origineel geluid - shittyflute_orginal

"So I just recorded myself reacting to it and just, like, overnight it just blew up," he said.

Before he went to bed, it had hit a million views, and now it's at nearly 12 million.

But the best part, by far, is the comments section. People took it upon themselves to change their profile pictures to Fan Man.

"The comments are absolutely the funniest part — everybody changing their profile picture to me," said Dockery-Yanker.

He's calling his followers the Fan Clan.


Welcome to the cool side of tiktok #fyp #mrfanman

♬ Mr. Sandman - The Chordettes

Someone even made fan art of him.


Bro what is going on...shoutout the Fan Clan and @jackbohmart for this awesome Fan art #fyp #mrfanman

♬ origineel geluid - shittyflute_orginal

Dockery-Yanker said he knows viral moments can be short-lived, but he's enjoying his time as a meme.

"It’s just funny to see all the people who it’s getting to — like my 14-year-old sister thinks it's hilarious," he said.

"It is pretty surreal to think that over 10 million people have seen my face."

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