Dr. Oz Is Getting Dragged For Promoting Astrology As Health Advice

This is just the latest pseudoscience nonsense to come from the daytime TV host.

Dr. Oz is at it again. This time, he's promoting astrology as a valid source of information about your health.

Dr. Oz tweeted this on Wednesday, saying our astrological "signs may reveal a great deal about our health as well."

The tweet has been deleted, but Dr. Oz isn't being let off the hook that easy.

@DrOz Hi, longtime listener, first time caller. I was just wondering if you're fucking kidding me

Anyway. If your doctor starts promoting astrology, you may want to find another medical professional.

If your doctor starts pulling out star charts, get the hell out of there. https://t.co/09xnanRNe3

This actual astronomer is just ~curious~ what the science is here.

@DrOz Okay, "doctor". As an astronomer, I've got a question for you: By what mechanism, precisely, do the stars affect the human body?

His fellow doctors are dragging him to the moon and back.

Maybe I will introduce the astrology guide to contraception: Taurus - Mirena IUD (the arms look like horns) Gemini -diaphragm and spermicide (because you need 2 Virgo - abstinence (sorry kids!) Aries - a coil IUD bc coil looks like Ram horns! What do you think @DrOz?

Someone even burned him with a Big Bang Theory quote, which is the most embarrassing thing ever.

@DrOz #Horoscopes certainly do reveal a great deal indeed. Namely, "It tells us that you participate in a mass cultural delusion that the Sun's apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constallations at the time of your birth somehow affects your personality." -@bigbangtheory

What's next? Magic 8-Balls?

@DrOz And next week, on a special Dr Oz, how ouija boards are the key to treating diabetes.

What else can astrology tell us, Dr. Oz?

@DrOz if I'm reading that astrological chart correctly, the stars are telling you to delete your account

Thankfully, Twitter is here to issue corrections.

Just to be clear, we think astrology is sort of a fun thing to think and talk about. So sure, go ahead and read your horoscope! But don't use it to determine your medical care.

To that end, here are some very appropriate ways to enjoy astrology.

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