People Are Calling This Ant Manicure Animal Cruelty

People are calling it a cruel stunt.

A nail salon in Russia is under fire for putting live ants into a very strange manicure.

A salon based in Moscow called Nail Sunny has become known for its creative and viral nail designs. Past designs included eating utensils, humanlike teeth, and pooping butts.

Their popular Instagram account has amassed over 1.8 million followers.

People are generally amused — if not only a bit weirded out — by their quirky manicures, but this time, people believe Nail Sunny went too far.

On Friday, the salon posted a video on Instagram showing live ants being sealed in a set of clear nails.

The nails were done by building a curved top and adhering a flat bottom underneath the nail before using tweezers to insert each individual ant. The ants were then sealed in with an end piece.

The video has been watched nearly 800,000 times so far.

The result is terrifying little finger terrariums.

The comments on the video are filled with people calling the manicure a cruel stunt.

“Wtf is wrong with you? If they’re breathing or not they deserve to be free anyway,” one commenter wrote. “Plus, who [on] earth would find this nice looking? Is just weird and sick!!”

“I hope someone put you in a damn nail and let you [breathe] every half an hour and please roast in that nail. THANK YOU,” someone else wrote.

The salon is defending its manicure stunt. A second video they posted showed the nails empty with the caption, “The ants in @nail_sunny’s tutorials are still alive! People, don’t lose your minds. We’re not animal killers, please watch the video until the end.”

“I have a question for you: When you walk down the street and squash ants with your shoes — aren’t you killers??” they posed in Russian.

The nails then made their way over to Twitter and became a meme.

People continued to hate on them.

If I see the ants in gel nails on any of my feeds one more time I am for real ending it all

Because honestly...why.

@Drebae_ Sis got ants on her damn nails

Just why.

imagine being an ant minding your own businesss to then get KIDNAPPED and put in a crusty nail smh

Who would want this?

Imagine you give your girl money to get her nails done and she comes back with an ant farm on her hands

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Nail Sunny for comment.

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