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Newspapers Around The World React To Donald Trump's Victory

Here's what the world's media had to say about Donald Trump winning the race to become president of the United States of America.

Last updated on November 10, 2016, at 5:24 a.m. ET

Posted on November 9, 2016, at 4:47 a.m. ET

1. The Washington Post (USA)

The Washington Post

2. Los Angeles Times (USA)

Los Angeles Times

3. The Wall Street Journal (USA)

The Wall Street Journal

4. The New York Times (USA)

The New York Times

5. The Times of London (UK)

The Times

6. Metro (UK)


7. The Guardian (UK)

The Guardian
The Guardian

Wednesday and Thursday's editions of the newspaper.

8. i (UK)


9. The Independent (UK)

The Independent
The Independent

Wednesday and Thursday's digital covers of the newspaper.

10. The Sun (UK)

The Sun

11. The Mirror (UK)

The Mirror

12. New Statesman (UK)

New Statesman

13. London Evening Standard (UK)

London Evening Standard

14. El Grafico (Mexico)

El Grafico

15. Libération (France)


Wednesday and Thursday's edition of the newspaper.

16. Le Figaro (France)

Le Figaro

In English, the headline reads: "Hurricane."

17. Hamburger Morgen Post (Germany)

Hamburger Morgen Post

18. El Periodico (Spain)

El Periodico

In English, headline reads: "God forgive America."

19. La Razon (Spain)

La Razon

In English, the headline reads: "Populist States of America."

20. La Vanguardia (Spain)

La Vanguardia

In English, the headline reads: "Trump Raises the Wall."

21. La Repubblica (Italy)

La Repubblica

22. Le Soir (Belgium)

Le Soir / Via

In English, the headline reads: "jumping the unknown."

23. (Holland) / Via

In English, the headline reads: "What will he do?"

24. Het Parool (Holland)

Het Parool

In English, the headline reads: "The hero of forgotten America."

25. Dagbladet (Norway)


26. Publico (Portugal)


In English, the headline read: "We enter unknown terrain."

27. Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)

Dagens Nyheter

28. Metro (Sweden)


In English, the headline reads: "The new USA."

29. La Opinion (USA - Spanish language)

La Opinion

30. Herald Sun (Australia)

Herald Sun

31. The Daily Telegraph (Australia)

The Daily Telegraph

32. The New Yorker – online (USA)

The New Yorker

33. The Philadelphia Inquirer (USA)

The Philadelphia Inquirer

34. The Birmingham News (USA)

The Birmingham News

35. The Charlotte Observer (USA)

The Charlotte Observer

36. Tampa Bay Times (USA)

Tampa Bay Times

37. Miami Herald (USA)

Miami Herald

38. New York Daily News (USA)

New York Daily News

39. Houston Chronicle (USA)

Houston Chronicle

40. Salt Lake Tribune (USA)

Salt Lake Tribune

41. San Francisco Examiner (USA)

San Francisco Examiner

42. The Boston Globe (USA)

The Boston Globe

43. Boston Herald (USA)

Boston Herald

44. The Seattle Times (USA)

The Seattle Times

45. New York Post (USA)

New York Post